A very late Merry Christmas to Everyone

Merry Christmas!!! I hope everyone had a good holiday this year!! I spent the vacation down in Phoenix, AZ with my cousin and parents. It's a BIG change from Wisconsin. The weather down here right now is perfect. Usually 60s and 70s during the day, light cool breezes. It's been fun! We've already had our share of adventures too. The most memorable one is under the cut below:

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We also went to Camelback Mountain and attempted to climb. Mom, Akhila-akka (my cousin) and I couldn't get past halfway, while Dad, Pramod (brother), and Arush (Akhila-akka's son) made it about 3/4 of the way up. They probably could have made it to the top, but none of us knew where Anand-bava (Akhila-akka's husband) was (he had gone to park the car) and we all decided to turn back around the same time. The moutain was pretty crazy. There were some nearly straight cliff-faces that you had to climb with just a metal pole for help. Some people were climbing this thing without any problem in the world. The three of us looked rather out of place trying to drag ourselves up. But it was a great view from where we stopped, and it was fun despite how hard it got at some points. I enjoyed it.

In other news, my computer is officially being declared a lemon. After coming back to me with the LCD replaced and the motherboard replaced, now the soundcard is shot. ...yay. This will be the fourth hardware fix this computer is being sent in for (I sent it in to have the RAM replaced abut a year ago) so Best Buy declares it a lemon at this point. They're either going to give me a brand new computer with the same or similar specs for free, or they'll give me the money that a similar computer would cost and I can put that toward a different computer. Between that (I think I would get $500 to $600 on this computer) and christmas gifts (another $550 in gift cards) I can get myself a pretty good computer for pretty cheap. I'm starting to wonder if this would be a good time to switch over to an Apple...

It's been a while...

Yeah, I'm just going to save the speech this time and give you a quick overview: Things got busy. I forgot to write. End of story ^_^; Sorry to anyone that may have been following (which would be few, if any).

Anywho, latest update from me: Work is crazy right now. I've been working with one customer for the last few weeks on a massive project that we did far too quickly. It really wasn't their fault, they were as blindsided by this as we were, and there was really no way around it. But the project is now up and running in their main production environment, and it DOESN'T WORK. We've been tweaking at it for the last two weeks and everytime we fix a problem and think we have it working, another one crops up. Its like a never ending cycle. We've wiped and reloaded data twice, made more changes to the configuration of the system than I can remember, worked through two weekends, and every time we think we've fixed it, something else crops up that we didn't catch before. I can't figure out if I'm just constantly missing things or if their sistem is so old and so bug-ridden that we're just running into issues that they've had forever, but we've never noticed before this. I'm not mad or annoyed at them, but I just wish we could figure it all out and put it behind it. I just want it to be over and done with and everything to be running smoothly again.

In dolly news - all of the MSDs besides Nashi are off to new homes. It was suprisingly easy to part with them all. I guess I was ready for them all to go. I'm playing around with the idea of trying to take more pictures come next year. I actually did take pictures of my newest Iplehouse boy (Liron) yesterday, but my home computer has been in the shop for a month, so I have nowhere to upload those pictures too. It's probably a good thing. I took a look at the historgram for thos pictures and realized they were all WAY too dark. I need to figure out how to take pictures in lower light situations, becuase there's at least three more months where there won't be much light for me to work with on weekdays and I'll have to work with what I have. Need to play with flash compensation and ISO settings. Project for tonight, maybe?

Ashling Bunny

Well now I feel like an ass...

So, remember those packages I shipped out over the weekend? Well, the morning before I shipped them, I had PMed the person I was sending the body to, asking if the address in her PayPal account was right. I didn't hear back by noon, and that was one of the only times I was going to be able to get out of the house because of me being on the after-hours pager for work. So I went ahead and used that address. Well, I get a PM later that day saying that it isn't the correct address, that's her parents address, some 200 miles away from her. And I'm like....O_O....ummm.....what can I do? Cause there's nothing I can do at this point. The package is in the mail. I've offered to resend it should the package get sent back to me for any reason, but that's all I can do. I haven't heard back from her since I made that offer, which just makes me feel like an even bigger ass. I probably should have waited to hear back, but then I definitely wouldn't have been able to send it out, and I usually can't send out during the week, and I wont even be here this weekend to send it out then. So it would have had to wait an extra two weeks. I'm not sure what else I could have done. GAH...sometimes doing sales on DoA isn't worth it. Maybe I should keep sales local within the Dairyland community, that way I can always carry a doll directly to the person who buys it, since most people come to the major meet-ups. Me and shipping just do not get along...

In other news, I have wallpaper! I need to find time to try it out, which may not happen until next weekend, but at least I have some. Turns out Menards still carried the stuff, and they actually have a lot of fun patterns. Christina, my best friend that lives one floor down from me and Stella in our apartment complex, was pointing out all of the wallpapers she wanted in her house (ignoring the fact that she has no house, nor any intention to buy a house anytime soon...) I'll get more pictures when I get the wallpaper up. I need to do that, attach the door to one wall, add the "crown molding" (really pieces of wood that kinda look like crown molding), and then figure out how to do a staircase. I can probably get everything but the staircase done in one weekend if that's all I work on. So, not too bad. I just need to find the time (as always).

I also need to start packing for the trip this weekend. Boston is going to be fun!
Isaac Cam

Continuing my poor, neglected Meme...

Day 13 - What’s your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?

Favorite culture...I cant say that I have one. I think I tend to slip into someone of an Asian theme when I write fictional cultures, so that may be the closest thing you get to a favorite from me. Geez,the more I look at this, the more I realize that my stories are flat, huh? I like characters, and I focus in on them, and give a little credit to the setting and even less to the culture around them. Maybe I should start thinking about more of these things. I just don't always pay attention....sad.

Oh, and I have to post this conversation, because it has to do with Isaac's picture in my last point, and it just made me laugh.

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Elian Profile

House Project Updates #1

Okay, so it's about time that I got these pictures up. I plan on putting some more work into this over the weekend. I need to my hands on some wallpaper!

Anywho, without further ado, here's the progress pictures of what I have so far:

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So, there is progress, but there's a long way to go. This is going to take a while...

Cam Close Up

Long Overdue Update

I think I am the worst LJ person ever. I NEVER update! I think it helps that I really haven't done much of anything outside of work and hanging out with friends the last few weeks. There really isn't much to talk about. I lead such a boring life!

My poor SD House project has been put by the wayside. I think it's annoying my roomate, having this gigantic box sitting in the living room. It just doesn't fit anywhere else right now. I need to find wallpaper, and then I need a clever way to make a removable staircase. That I would LOVE some ideas on. I'm still trying to work it out in my head. Then the first room of the house can officially be called done, and it wont take much to make other rooms. I'm just going to be doing wall inserts to cover up the current walls, that way I can use the same box for any room I'm doing. I think that'll make things easier, and hopefully I can have new rooms to photograph with earlier. Mind you, I am getting way ahead of myself. First room first. Even when the room is made, I need to make/aquire furniture to fill it. Need a couch and bookcases at the VERY least. I kinda want to add side tables and lamps and maybe even a mini dining room table with chairs. I swear, there's an idea in my head. I think it's just a lot grander than I'm ever going to get to! Oh well...I will keep plodding on. Hopefully we'll get somewhere eventually!

I do have progress pictures, by the way. I just need to upload them. I can try and do that later, but knowing my track record, you might not see them for a month. Sorry! Hopefully soon.

I find myself haunting the Iplehouse site lately. My snakecharmer boy has been on order for what feels like forever (it's been a month...) and I want him home! I know he's going to be a lot longer, but I can't help checking every day just in case...On a side note, I'm almost fully recovered from that impluse buy financially, which means I may be able to start looking either at new clothes, or Nashi's new shell next month. Woot! I think I should focus on clothes though. Nashi's replacement can wait a while. The Luts Yder mold is not a limited doll, so I can pick him up any old time. And I've been haunting Sadol and Nine9 and Tata. I've found some pretty cool clothes for my crew. Snake charmer boy (His name is Liron...I really should start using his name) was always going to be a med student - and I found an actual white coat for him! I also found an upgrade for Elian's camera (Elian is a photographer. I bought him a very basic non-digital camera to use for now, but I found a good digital camera that I can give him eventually). I am very excited for it all! Mind you, I need to start the actual story...and I need my house finished to start. *sigh* I keep going back to the same thing. Soon...hopefully soon.


Meme Day 12

I'm just going to pick up where I left off on this one, cause I don't want to make up 5 days worth of missed meme days right now T_T

Day 12 - In what story did you feel you did the best job of world building? Any side-notes on it you’d like to share?

Toy Soldiers was probably the biggest piece of world-building I have ever done. Its one of the only stories I have ever written about a world outside of our own (the only other being Yuni's original story, and as that was the second story I'd ever written, I was only learning about worldbuilding at the time). I really didn't give it much thought when I first started working on the story. I only had a vague idea of what the storyline was and where they were traveling when (there is a fair bit of traveling in this story). And then I ran across this crazy map builder software and started playing around with it. Before I knew it, I had created their country, and a few countries around them. And as I was defining little features of the countries, cultures and religions/beliefs started to work their way out of the woodwork based on the geography of the country. And the world building just took off from there. I wouldn't say that it was some amazing feat. I still have a lot to learn about it, and a lot of areas that I need to explore more, but it was the first time I had ever let something get that complex and I was really proud of the world that emerged from all of it!
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Ashling Bunny

I'm really not so good at this stuff...

Ahh, sorry for the 4 day hiatus. I was pretty much dead over the weekend, and yesterday at work was crazy busy so this is the first time I've had to really remember to write something! I started on my Living Room project. It is currently taking up a LOT of space in our real living room, and I really do need to figure out where to store it and how I can fold it down. I'll try and get progress pictures up tonight or tomorrow. It looks really good so far, but I haven't gotten very far yet. I was hoping to be farther by the end of the weekend, but I basically didn't do anything on Labor Day, so I lost a full day's worth of work! I have the box set up so that the walls and ceiling can come down whenever I want, and then I got the floors in. I've got a rudimentary door that isnt' installed yet, and I have an idea for how to make a doornob (I made two, but they were missing a keyhole, so I'm going to remake them). Now I need to get my hands on some wallpaper. I need to make a trip to Home Depot this weekend, hopefully. My best friend's birthday is this weekend, not to mention dance rehersal, so the weekend may be pretty busy. I will do my best!

In other news, Pandora is being really annoying today. It keeps stoping mid-song and changing to a new song...

BOOOOORED this weekend my roomates are both out of own. Stella's at a go-live. Christina's on a trip. I was planning on spending the day just working on my SD Living Room project, but I find that I'm bored to tears at the moment. I kinda want people around, but no one to go to. *sigh* Oh well...only have to do this for three days. I can survive that, right?

Still working on getting through this list of things, but we're getting further:

- Take out Trash
- Start Laundry
- Finish Laundry (Haven't gotten past the first load)

- Tidy up Living Room (No Change from last time...)
- Pack up Sold Dolls to take to the post office  tomorrow or Friday  Saturday (I have addresses for everyone now, but actual packing needs to be done.
- Tidy up Bedroom
- Sales threads for old MSD clothes/chairs/props
- Clean Bathroom
- Buy Facial Scrub
- Fold Laundry

Okay, back to the Star Trek marathon and the hopefully distracting living room construction ^_^;;;